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600w-1000w LED grow light for herbs in greenhouse full spectrum indoor grow lamp


Product Details


We have specifically designed the Yama LED grow light to deliver greater returns for commercial growers. Thea LED grow light can work in addition to, alongside, or as replacements to HPS/SON-T grow lights. Being 1:1 equivalent with existing 1200W-2000W HPS/SON-T grow lights makes Thea LED grow light easy for growers, installers and greenhouse builders.

Key features:

Up to 2000 µmol/s light output.  Equivalent to 1200-2000w HPS grow lights. 

Up to 50% energy saving versus HPS/MH/SON-T.

Up to 3.2 µmol/j efficiency  (after driver and optical losses).

A range of standard & tailor-made spectrums. 

Making faster growth rate, higher yield and better quality.

Low shading and installation costs.

Special LED chips for plant growth lamps are used, with low heat generation and long life.

6 series high-quality aluminum housing enhance heat dissipation efficiency, and ensure long life of the lamp.

Fully assembled, industrial grade construction and durability.

IP65 rating, dust tight and prolonged immersion.

3 years warranty. 

Product Name

LED grow light



Input Voltage

AC 86-275V

Operating Frequency

50/60 HZ

Shell Material

6 series high quality aluminum

Beam Angle

30/60/90/120 degree


2000 µmol/s


3.2 µmol/J

Power Factor


Power Efficiency



3 years

Operation Temperature

-20…+60 °C

Operation Humidity


Type of  Protection





█ Blue light: inhibit stem elongation, promote protein synthesis, and increase plant weight. Conducive to the synthesis of anthocyanins, vitamins and antioxidants.

█ Red light: Promote plant growth. It is conducive to the synthesis of sugar and carbohydrates, and accelerates the growth of plant stem nodes.

Based on horticulture and lighting technology, our team develops customized light formulas to build a leading business in our unique way. We combine crop growth knowledge and technology to improve solutions for growers' business.

We aspire to be a leader in the field of creating solutions to grow healthy vegetables and plants for the world in a sustainable way.


1) Switch off supply before installing or removing lamp.

2) Operating voltage of the product: AC 86-275V, 50/60 HZ, do not exceed the operating voltage range.

3) Beware of danger of fire or electric shock.

4) Correctly fasten the high anti-fall safety chain to ensure multiple safety guarantees.

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